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Unicef_jpf3_jpf4_200744_spring_view_2_1 My first spring has come here in Haveli, Kashmir after a long and severe winter.  Snow has melted in the mountain except on its summit and there is green sprouting all over the region.  It is so warm these days that I need an electric fan in the night.  Yet, it continues to rain often this April. 

Rain has been falling everyday from mid February to the end of March and this has hindered our projects.  Nonetheless, we have continued the projects, step by step, in strong collaboration with the local communities in the marginalized mountainous area in the devastated province of Bagh.  Local people and school children, even small girls have helped JEN’s staff carry desks for two-kilometres, on a pathway away from the road, in the rain, to the tent that we installed as a school.Jpf4_2007220_1   

People survived the second winter after the disaster independently and they seem to have become more and more peaceful and confident.

April 5, 2007 in Pakistan |