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Spring Picnic

412_2  Spring has come in Jordan.  Families enjoy sunny weekends picnicking in the green spaces found here and there.  Although it is only a short spring, just a few months, during this season fresh flowers and grass fills Jordan’s fields and makes people happy.  Strangely, people picnic, not only in the green hills of the suburbs, but also on land alongside busy highways, wherever they can find grass growing!

People say that Iraqi people also used to picnic in this way before the war.  Families, relatives and friends enjoyed peaceful weekends in the green suburbs of Baghdad.  While military operations continue to intensify in Baghdad, zoos and amusement parks are supposed to be reopening in the city.  However, many people are still in fear of their lives and do not like to leave their homes.

Playing in the sun, children are full of cheerful smiles in Jordan.  We hope that one day, Iraqi children will also be able to play on a sunny day without any fear, as children do in Jordan.

April 12, 2007 in Iraq |