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Opening Operations in The Sudan

P1040346_1 From April 2007, JEN started school sanitation projects in the South of Sudan funded by the Japan Platform.

After twenty years of civil war, the peace agreement in January 2005 granted the autonomy of the South Sudan.  Consequently, 3.7 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 350 thousand refugees started to return to their place of origin.

Many refugees from Uganda and The Congo are returning to the State of Central Equatoria in the South Sudan.  JEN has decided to start school sanitation projects in Terekeka and Lainya, two counties in that State especially in need.  Our team will distribute original teaching materials on hygiene education to 78 schools (10,675 children).  The staff will then use the materials for children’s lessons and teacher training.  We are also planning to organize theatre workshops that involve both teachers and children to learn through active interaction.  To set this up successfully, follow-up training for teachers is essential to our principles of community-wide development. P1040233_1       

Furthermore many schools in the State of Central Equatrea do not have proper school buildings.  Children are frequently infected with diarrhoea due to unclean water and a lack of toilets and water sources in their school.  JEN will set up basic sanitary systems (drinking wells, water pumps, toilets and drainage gutters) in schools in order to improve the children’s health.  We will also establish a management committee at each school for sustainable maintenance of these systems by teachers.

JEN appreciates your kind understanding and contributions for our new project in The Sudan.

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