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Family Farming Workshops in Iketani Village, Niigata

Ts350280 Would you like to know how farmers live and work in Iketani,

a small village surrounded by beautiful mountains? 

Why don’t you join our farming workshops, planting in spring, trimming and clearing in summer

or harvesting in autumn?

Local, experienced villagers will give you insight into their daily village life. 

Full board and lodgings are available in the JEN Centre, a former school restored for visitors. 

Together participants cook fresh local vegetables with Uonuma-Koshihikari,

Japan’s best brand rice produced in this region.Ts350279

■ Spring Session (May, 26 and 27)

Saturday, 26 
- 11:30/ Meet at the Tokamachi Station (JR and the Hokuhoku Line)
- Afternoon/ Rice Planting
Sunday, 27
- Morning/ A look at the natural beauty of the area
- 14:00/ Departure from the Tokamachi Station

■ Participation Fees: 11,000 Yen per person (meals and activities included)
※ Travel fees are at the expense of each participant.
※ Participants cook in rotation.

■ Target: school children (6 to 12 years old) and adults (parents, relatives, teachers, neighbours, etc.)
※ Kindly ask in advance if you would like to bring preschool children.

■ Number of Participants: Maximum 16 people (First come, first served)

■ Application:
<STEP 1> Download the application form.  Fill in the form and send it to JEN’s Tokyo Headquarters by FAX, E-Mail or Post.
※ Before sending your form, please call JEN to ask about the availability of places, as some sessions may already be full.

<STEP 2> JEN will call you back to inform you of bank/postal transfer.

<STEP 3> Your reservation will be confirmed after the bank/postal transfer.

■ Meeting point: The West Gate of the Tokamachi Railway Station, Tokamachi City, Niigata.  You can take either the JR Line or the Hokuhoku Line.
※ The JR Line stops at the East Gate, and the Hokuhoku-Line at the West Gate.  Participants coming from the JR line please come over to the West Gate.
※ Participants coming by private car please park at the station and come to the West Gate.  Car pools among participants are welcome.
Timetable of the Hokuhoku Line ⇒ Click Here 

■ Lodgings: The “JEN Centre” (The Former Iketani School, Tokamachi-shi, Niigata)
Please note that there are no private rooms in the Centre, men, women and children share accommodation.  Sleeping bags are provided.

■ Contact: JEN Tokyo Headquarters (Kakizawa)
※ Projects in Niigata are organized in collaboration with the Tokamachi Regional Development Committee.

P1030122 Here are the dates for the summer and autumn session, however please wait for updates to these workshops on the website:

Summer Session
■Date : August (Friday, 17 to Sunday, 19)
■Activities :  Rice growing, recreational activities (TBC)
■Participation Fees : 15,000 Yen per person
■Number of Participants : Maximum 16 people
P1030316 Autumn Session
■Date : October (Saturday, 6 to Monday, 8)
■Activities : Rice harvesting (TBC)
■Participation Fees : 15,000 Yen per person
■ Number of Participants: Maximum 16 people

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