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Women in Jordan

In Jordan, a Japanese female is always mistaken for a Philippine at every corner around the town.  So is at JEN’s office in Amman, agents come to mistake a Japanese program officer for a Philippine servant.  One day an agent spoke to her at the door:

“I want to see your father or mother”. 

Sounds as if he came across a little girl, but he simply meant in broken English: “call your Master or Madam”. 

That happens because many female servants immigrate to Jordan from Philippine, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. 

070315_1 A woman from Sri Lanka has been working in Jordan for ten years.  She migrated after having worked for several years in a factory right after completing secondary school.  She got through her initial struggle to keep up with housework and Arabic language.  Now she speaks Arabic and English fluently.  She still studies English eagerly every day and night.  Meanwhile, she never forgets to send remittance to her family in Sri Lanka. 

Working in Jordan seems to make her stronger despite any difficulties.

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