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Iraqi Passport

070301_1 What is a big difference between a Japanese passport and an Iraqi one?  Scarcely any countries reject the Japanese one today for an entry or a visa permit.  How about the Iraqi one, how many States would welcome it on the border?


A mass exodus of refugees provoked from and within Iraq has already reached 50,000 per month.  An influx to contiguous Jordan and Syria climbed to the amount of 500 thousands to one million.  However, both asylum countries have been tightening the regulation of the Iraqi nationals on the border and on the issue of visas and residential permits. 

Still, a large number of Iraqi refugees remain in the two neighbouring countries after the expiry of their permits and hide themselves illegally. 

They are unable to receive any social services such as education.  Jordan, overloaded with the increase of refugees, has been appealing to the international society to share the burden.

March 1, 2007 in Iraq |