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In the Future (a memory of a field officer)

0307_ The projects I devoted myself to in Afghanistan involved daily dialogue with people exposing the realities of their lives.  I left Afghanistan, therefore, with a belief in the need for solidarity among Afghan communities.

JEN had played an important role in empowering individuals by increasing assets and restoring a sense of safety and stability through our assistance projects.  However, these conventional, individual-based relief activities began to be replaced by new strategies based upon building strength among communities in order for sustainable, long-term development. Photo_67 

I realised that to do this a psychological approach was essential: after a disaster, during which society has completely broken down, people’s fears to survive prevent them from working together.  First, there is a need to work to regain solidarity amongst those people.  Only when the solidarity is restored can the community start to become more self-reliant.

Afghanistan is a country exhausted by twenty years of struggle.  JEN must continue our projects until the day when the Afghan people recognise a world where they live in confidence and with respect and in mutual support of each other.

March 29, 2007 in Afghanistan |