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Anticipating Local Needs

Img_0821 Spring is approaching day by day in the village of Iketani.  As the thaw set in, people in the village begin to prepare their rice fields.  Their busiest season starts in spring and continues until harvest in autumn.

Having had little snow this winter, people are anticipating water shortage in coming summer when rice thrives the most.  Rice is the greatest treasure of the village.  People are planning to plant rice earlier in order to protect their treasure from any possible damages from the water shortage.

JEN will follow the village’s needs and organize agricultural volunteers flexibly.  In the meantime, JEN is planning to enlarge volunteer activities as “village-revitalizing volunteers”.  The new volunteers would not only participate in agricultural activities in the depopulated village but also reanimate the village’s treasure as whole, such as, beautiful nature, experienced agriculture, and rural history and tradition.  Kindly wait for JEN’s homepage to update for further details about new volunteers!

March 1, 2007 in Niigata |