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They Studied a Two-Hour Day, Six Days per Week for Nine Months

JEN closed its one-year literacy project in Kabul in the end of January.  As a part of the project, 147 Afghan adults completed a nine-month course in Kabul last November.  They celebrated their certificate with municipal workers.  A survey shows that the course was successful in enlightening Afghan adults about the importance of basic literacy.  Participants regularly came to class a two-hour day, six days per week for nine months.  In addition, they willingly delivered their new knowledge after class to their families at home.

  Initially, three fourth of participants could not use a telephone because they did not know numbers.  Now all of them are pleased that they became able to make themselves understood in writing numbers and words.  In the classroom, for example, they communicate in writing about what they want, how they can get it, and which obstacles they expect to get it.

  The school year starts in Afghanistan in the end of March as soon as the long and severe winter goes by.  JEN, after completing its project, would continue to support public literacy courses to promote adult literacy skills further.

February 8, 2007 in Afghanistan |