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Witness to the Bombardment (no.3)

20061218_lebanon_jpf_distribution_jabal__4 Here is a witness of Mr. Josef Bakarat, a municipal worker of the village of Jbal el Botom in a mountainous region in the Southern Lebanon.  He is a member of a tool-kit committee that JEN established in the village on the 18 December:

JEN distributed reconstruction tools and kits to people of Jbal el Botom in the hope that the kits would help reconstruction of safe livelihoods.20061218_lebanon_jpf_distribution_jabal__5


“I remained in my village as a member of the municipal medical rescue team, while my family evacuated to Beirut.  Bombings were targeting on tall buildings in daylight.  Our team had a sleep in woods in the daytime and rescued the wounded at nighttimes.  The Israeli army targeted also on cars, blocked thoroughfares, and stopped the transport of water, food, as well as petrol to the village.  Our team had to transfer on foot a gravely wounded on a stretcher to a 20km-away hospital.  In the meantime, my house was bombarded directly.  I need to reconstruct it completely – a bomb left a huge hole from the roof to the ground.  I am waiting for official housing subsidies while staying at a small flat in a neighbouring village.  My one-year-old baby is still afraid of roaring noise of airplanes.”

January 4, 2007 in Lebanon |