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Use of Tools

20070111_lebanon_jpf_monitoring_zaoutar__6  JEN distributed reconstruction kits and tools in the village of Zaoutar el Ghabiye in December. We monitored the use of tools on the 11 January. 

Here is a feedback from Mohammed in the village:

“I came back to my village after the war from exile and found out my house completely knocked down and baring the whole floors without any walls.  I heard about JEN’s tool-kit project from the municipal government and at billboards at shops.  I borrowed a wheelbarrow, a shovel, a broom, a hammer, a pickaxe, and a saw in order to remove debris and reconstruct the destroyed house.  I do it all by myself for I cannot pay a carpenter.  All the kits are extremely useful, they are all I need and cannot afford to buy.”

January 18, 2007 in Lebanon |