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Practical Arabic?

20061206_leban_jpf_distribution_bei Starting from December 1st, a large-scale demonstration to demand change of the government was held several times by the anti-government, pro-Syrian party.  The location where JEN has its office is very quiet, but in the downtown district where the Prime Minister’s office is located, a lot of people have put up tents and stayed there for a number of days seriously protesting against the government.

The local staff is teaching me Arabic, and in the vocabulary that he teaches me, words reflecting the current unstable political environment have been increasing, for example:

Al Muza-hara: protest action, demonstration
Qutir, Jaishu : lots of military people 

If I were to study Arabic using the standard textbook, I would not have had a chance to learn these words. 

This gives me a somewhat complicated feeling…Staff2

However, as of now, the demonstration has been proceeding in a peaceful way, and as I watch it on the TV, it even looks like people are only having a festival.

December 28, 2006 in Lebanon |