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Our Support Activities started at a place near the border with Israel

20061206_leban_jpf_distribution_ait  On December 4th, with the support of the Japan Platform, the distribution of tools to remove debris started.  We were distributing the tools to villages in need of such tools based on our needs assessment targeting about one hundred villages and cities of the Southern part of Lebanon.

One of the villages where we distributed the tools was Aita Ech Chaab.  This was the city with the heaviest damage from the conflict.  The central village office was a small room in a prefab just like a barn, and there was a large tent outside the office.  Important village meetings were held in this prefab. 

While reconstruction efforts are currently underway at a rather accelerated pace in many Southern cities and villages, the village of Aita Ech Chaab continues to have a lot of debris and destruction.  JEN immediately established a tool committee consisting of key persons from leaders of the local community and local agricultural cooperatives.  After doing this, JEN distributes the tools to the Committee, and the local community is mainly in charge of managing tools.20061204_leban_jpf_distribution_q_3

It is expected that the central government will distribute cash for the restoration of housing to each family residing in local communities in the Southern part this weekend.  The local community leaders at Aita Ech Chaab expressed their gratitude to JEN that it was able to distribute the tools before people got cash for the housing restoration.

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