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A Special Day

Local staff is making a sneeze. 

“Bless you!  Have you got a cold?” 

“Thanks, but I must not catch a cold – at least today!” 

“Something special today then?” 

“Eh well… my wedding anniversary,” he replied with a shy smile.


Photo_49 “A husband forgets such anniversaries while his wife is looking forward to – that always happens not only in a soap opera – still you are a perfect mate, lucky your wife!”  “Oh no, my PC helps.  Important anniversaries pop up automatically on my desktop a week before each – our wedding, our first date, and our engagement… quite a good number to input.”


Love grows after marriage – an Arabic saying that he strongly believes in.  He married one of his relatives.  Without having asked her out before, he directly asked her father for a permit to propose to her. 

He has been happy at home for ten years with his wife, her handmade cooking and their children.  Here is a sweet wedding, love, and happiness in Arabic style!

December 28, 2006 in Iraq |