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The Witnesses of History

061123beirut_funeral_day_2 After the assassination of Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel on November 21st, a national funeral took place on November 23rd in Beirut. Almost all stores, companies and government offices were closed following the Lebanese Independence Day on the 22nd.

I watched the national funeral on the TV at my friend’s house. Her families and relatives all came to the house to watch the funeral as well. On the TV, the streets in the City were filled with so many people, a contrast to the more orderly condition of usual times.

When the TV broadcast assembled mourners inside the Cathedral, the families and relatives were eager to point out the mourners on the TV and mention how that person was the relative of someone, explaining as if they are the families’ neighborhood. In this situation, by looking at them watching TV so seriously, I clearly felt that we were observing a national event of great historical importance.

November 30, 2006 in Lebanon |