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The Witnesses of History

061123beirut_funeral_day_2 After the assassination of Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel on November 21st, a national funeral took place on November 23rd in Beirut. Almost all stores, companies and government offices were closed following the Lebanese Independence Day on the 22nd.

I watched the national funeral on the TV at my friend’s house. Her families and relatives all came to the house to watch the funeral as well. On the TV, the streets in the City were filled with so many people, a contrast to the more orderly condition of usual times.

When the TV broadcast assembled mourners inside the Cathedral, the families and relatives were eager to point out the mourners on the TV and mention how that person was the relative of someone, explaining as if they are the families’ neighborhood. In this situation, by looking at them watching TV so seriously, I clearly felt that we were observing a national event of great historical importance.

November 30, 2006 in Lebanon |


People involved in the mission

061108n_1 Relief project for Tsunami victims supported be Japan government has started at last. We care the tsunami victims mentally as ever with social worker, instructor, and expert in psychology through job training. Before we start the activities we trained our staff. They studied JEN and JEN’s activities, how to get involved in social psychology and counselling. “We should not take center stage, and our mission is bringing out people’s best”, said the expert in psychology who teach them.

The day before job training, an official from Sri Lanka embassy visited the village and encouraged the tsunami victims. The official said “It is a pleasure to see Japanese taxes are surely used for people in Sri Lanka, and people and the communities receive Japanese NGO.”

JEN’s mission cannot be achieved by JEN staff only. We are supported by a lot of people and act in unison with people in Sri Lanka.

November 23, 2006 in Sri Lanka |


Sweet Potato


From the 14 - 15 of October, 4 employees from Morgan Stanley, a foreign-affiliated company in Tokyo, visited Iketani again since their first visit of 3rd Niigata Agricultural Volunteer Program.

They revisited Iketani to see how big the sweet potatoes grew since last June.Img_0548_2

==== Volunteer Information ===

Those who wish to contribute the Earthquake affected people in Iketani, JEN is seeking Volunteer during the winter (Jan 2007 onwards). Img_0533 

Further inquiries, please send the email to info@jen-npo.org.

November 20, 2006 in NiigataVolunteer Infomarion |


It's Brand New!

Branch school in Iketani had renovated!

JEN center in Iketani branch school “Yama-no-manabiya” has renovated with assistance by donation of Japan Post.Dvc00008_1 

The roof of bathroom with broken eave because of snow has repaired and decrepit (almost decomposed!) floor of toilet and fluorescent light fittings has changed. We moved a step closer to recovery of the school. P1030366_1

We will continue improving the branch school and we wish more volunteers visit Iketani.

November 14, 2006 in Niigata |


Psycho-Social Care

Tiabe_18 In south area, many buildings were destroyed to debris in the war last summer, which led JEN to initiate the support.  Seeing the situation in Beirut, we can fully realize how much resources and time will be necessary to restore the destroyed city.  That leads us to think of even how much more considerable amount of time would be necessary for the people to mentally restore a self- supporting livelihood.

JEN is collecting fund-raise for the emergency assistance. Please contribute to help the people in Lebanon. Thank you for your cooperation.

Account number: 00170-2-538657  Account holder's name: JEN
Please write "Lebanon" on the space for correspondence
If you are considering of a contribution through Japan Net Bank, click


November 9, 2006 in Lebanon |

For the future of Charikar

~ The renovation and cleaning project of the groundwater canal~

Dsc00222_1 JEN is currently conducting projects in Charikar, the capital of Parwan Province, where shortage of water is a serious problem for the population of 100,000.  They cannot expect rain during the long summer and all the water that runs in the area is changed to muddy water during the winter. Amid growing concerns that this situation, we could achieve recovery and cleaning underground waterway that had been destructed in the consequence of civil conflict since Parwan administration for 40 years.

On October 10th, we had a ceremony to celebrate the start of the construction with the governor of Parwan and the mayor of Charikar as well as invited officials of MOFA (Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs) .  Although we expect some dangerous work will be involved, we will aim at the success of this project, using the most of the wisdom and experience of the local people who had built a long underground canal in the past.10oct06_27_3

November 9, 2006 in Afghanistan |