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Fireflies at Iketani

1_29_2     The fourth round of Niigata volunteer activity was held from July 14 to July 17 for four days and three nights. In spite of the continuous rain for four days, all of the participants succeeded in finishing the planned practices well, feeling full of health.

    They burned lumber and pieces of furniture in order to dispose of collapsed houses as well as cut grass, cleaned up the fallen trees in the rain. Everyone did work getting sweaty because of an extremely hot fire.

    There were also held so many events such as a watermelon splitting, a barbecue and appreciation of fireflies in addition to agricultural tasks!

    At the third night they communicated with the locals until midnight, drinking tasteful Japanese sake together.

    The four people of the twelve participants have applied again to the volunteer activities within the year. Everyone seemed to be fascinated by appeal of Iketani! 

September 28, 2006 in Niigata |