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Distribution of sanitary goods and set of tool for removing debris

Et_taibe_11_1     23rd August, Toshihiro Yuasa who was dispatched to Lebanon for emergency assistance passed away because of a sudden sickness. Thank you for your condolence and encouragement. JEN continue emergency assistance for people under harsh condition in Lebanon.

    International airport in Beirut restarted on 7th September. In south area where violent combat happened, Army of Lebanon and UN provisional army of Lebanon started bomb disposal after retreat of army of Israel.

     In south area many building were destroyed, also some people are living in destroyed buildings. But they don’t have enough tools so they can’t remove debris surely.
JEN plan to distribute emergency aid supplies for about 400 families in Nagatiyeh, which is close to border between Lebanon and Syria.

    JEN will distribute goods people need most now such as sanitary goods (towel, bucket, bubble, cattle, detergent and teeth brash) and sets of tools for removing debris (wheelbarrow, shovel and hummer).

September 28, 2006 in Lebanon |