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Different Forms of Recycling

    Pakistan, and in particular Islamabad, is a heavily littered place. Garbage is omnipresent, with all kinds of trash clogging up empty areas and rivers. Such trash has clogged up the small river in front of the JEN office, leading to increased amounts of water, which in turn has resulted in the mass generation of mosquitoes. There is not yet any system to recycle glass bottles, cans, paper, and batteries as they do in Japan, it seems.2_15

    An interesting incident happened the other day, however. As I went to a major printing ink store clutching an empty cartridge-for recycling purposes-I was looked at in a queer way. In Pakistan, they do not recycle the cartridge itself as in Japan, but reuse it by filling it up again with ink, they say. A surprise it was, but a pleasant one.

September 7, 2006 in Pakistan |