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Cooperation without Boundaries

Uesugi_at_amman_office200608 Here is a letter from Jordan, signed Nami Uesugi, a Japanese staff appointed to JEN’s Office in Amman in May:

“It is a great pleasure for me to interact with people from different background from my own.  Still, as it is the first time for me to get involved closely in a Muslim society, I had a slight fear before coming to Amman if I could make it in such a new working environment.  However, my fear disappeared as soon as my arrival thanks to kind help of local staff in Iraq and in Jordan.  I would like to write about one of them, a program assistant in Baghdad.  She is such an attractive Venus - it is a pity that I am unable to show her fantastic picture for her security, as unfortunately in Iraq international workers like her have been targeted by militia groups.  When I timidly called her for a work on a holiday, she willingly came to office adding that she even enjoyed a different face of the city from clouded weekdays.  I was impressed by her kindness and passion for work which, despite very difficult situation in Iraq, made me believe again that people could work together without any boundaries.” 

September 14, 2006 in Iraq |