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Tractor Unloading

1_17   On the 4th of May, a day in the midst of 'Golden Week' for Japan, JEN tractors arrived in the Eritrean village of Goluj. The 2 tractors were loaded upon a truck, and made their way to Goluj over a 2-day, 450-km, 2000m-altitude trip. 2_8

    As if to answer the question that had just popped up in my mind-"So they've made it to the village, but how are they planning to unload those tractors?"-the truck made its way towards a dried up river by the village edge. This river at best is slightly damp during the wet season, and thus in the dry season, is completely dried up. When reversing the truck into the 'river'...bingo!

3_1   The deck was exactly the same height as the riverbeds. Quite a remarkable feat, don't you think?

August 24, 2006 in Eritrea |