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Seasonal Foods

1_18   The markets in Pakistan are overflowing with all kinds of in-season vegetables and fruits. Cucumbers, okra, melons, and watermelons can all be bought at reasonable prices.2_9

    Freshwater fish that local children caught in hope of extra pocket money, can also be seen as a "summer food" in the markets.

    In Bagh, where our projects are ongoing, we enjoy such fresh foods as noted above-all curry flavored. Even sweetfish, which in Japan would be broiled with salt, then have some lemon and soy sauce sprinkled over it, in Pakistan they are simply fried-curry flavored.

    The spice and oiliness are, at times, a little too much for the Japanese stomach, but it is such foods that help us survive the 50℃ heat.

August 3, 2006 in Pakistan |