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Pakistanstaff0607272 The rainy season has set in.  Heavy rains have been hitting everyday over the JEN’s Field Office in the Province of Bagh.  The rainfalls bring frequent landslides and hinder access to mountainous areas.  JEN’s staff removed together with local people a large mass of soil that had blocked roads to our operational field.


To see the situation, the staff took a five-hours drive to an isolated camp of victims of last earthquake.  A landslide deprived twelve lives including children in the camp.  Witness says that a huge flood of earth erupted and swallowed the camp violently.  Rocks and earth avalanched in the village as high as more than one-meter.  Facing the rage of the nature, the staff could do nothing but pray for the souls of the dead.  Pakistanfield_car060727

August 17, 2006 in Pakistan |