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Initiation of emergency assistance for Lebanon

123_6     JEN will send thee staff to begin emergency assistance for refugees and Internally Displaced Persons caused by the conflict between Lebanon and Israel since July 12.

    Four weeks having passed since the outbreak of the conflict, and it is estimated that the number of domestic refugees in Lebanon are about one million and that of refugees escaped overseas are about 220,000. There are too many refugees to support in Lebanon, so those who don't have relatives can rely on are forced to live under harsh conditions.

    One staff will have for Lebanon on August 10 followed by two more on August 11. They are planning to distribute emergency aid supplies such as sanitary goods in Mont-Liban in the mountainous area north of Lebanon. Although many people escaped, there are not enough organizations that provide humanitarian assistance. There are many refugees in Mont-Liban, therefore, they are in need of various types of aid such as food and housing.

    JEN is also considering commencing assistance activities in Syria, where it is said to that 200,000 refugees have flowed in Syria the beginning of the conflict. There is possibility that support areas and contents change depending on the local situation.

Dispatched staffs
Cyril Cappai (Chief of foreign division, from France)
Toshihiro Yuasa (Program officer, from Hokkaido)
Olivier De La Motte Saint Pierre (Program officer, from France)

    JEN is collecting fund-raise for the emergency assistance. Please contribute to help the refugees. Thank you for your cooperation.

Account number: 00170-2-538657  Account holder's name: JEN
Please write "Lebanon" on the space for correspondence
If you are considering of a contribution through Japan Net Bank, click ⇒ here

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