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Living Side by Side with Death

I1     Terrorist attacks are all the talk in Baghdad.

    Whenever or wherever you may be, including your own house, death is always lurking around the corner. If a family member is just a few minutes late in coming back, you cannot but help call them on their cell phones to make sure of their safety.

    Not only adults but many children as well own cell phones, so that should something happen, they can contact their family immediately.

    Although there still are children who go to school on foot, there are others who go by car, or have monthly contracts with shared taxis. Schools are basically open throughout the school term, however, parents decide daily whether they should send their children to school or not based on daily security reports. Teachers understand and respect this circumstance.

    The marketplace, a place where many people gather, is a typical target for bombings. Therefore, locals avoid the market as much as possible, and instead try to get their shopping done at nearby grocery stores.

    Even when living side by side with many such dangers, people go shopping, children go to school...Peoples' lives go on.

July 20, 2006 in Iraq |