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A Success Story

E1     The village of Gerset is a settlement created for returnees, whom constitute 90 percent of the resident population. On the 4th of May, a ceremony was held in this small village to hand over the JEN tractors and accompanying materials. Utilizing this equipment, the women in the association will be able to harvest their own land this year. At the ceremony the village mayor gave a speech, and セベネ, the head of the association, signed the contract.

    Another person who signed the papers was Sofia, who is in charge of all accounting matters of the association. She is from Gerset village, and is its up-and-comer. Sofia used to be one of the poorest women in the village, living by the day on international aid materials and odd jobs. 2 years ago however, with a freshly borrowed 2000 yen in her hand, she began a business selling clothes purchased from a town 30 kms away. She worked hard, and now has a shop in the village market. Her remarkable effort and ability earned her the position of accountant in the association.

    The accounting officer is an extremely important position, being in charge of money needed for the tractor's fuel as well as for the general maintenance of the machine. Reading and writing skills are a must. The large account book she holds in the picture is the cash receipt book she is in charge of. The clothes hanging in the back are the ones she sells for business.

    With Sofia's help, we sincerely hope that the tractors JEN handed over will be well maintained so it may live a long life.

July 20, 2006 in Eritrea |