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A Dream Come True-The Woolang School, Complete!

A1     The Woolang School, that had been under construction since last August as part of the MOFA (Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs) funded "Parwan Province Returnee Support Project," finally saw its completion on the 15th of June, 2006. Many distinguished guests, including the Governor of Parwan, Chief of the Education Bureau, and Secretary from the Japanese Embassy attended the opening ceremony that was held to celebrate the memorable day.

A2_1     The Principal of the school, Mr Abdulluh Sabul, is a man that recognizes the importance of education. He has petitioned the Afghani government and numerous support groups to build more schools in the country, as well as visited the JEN office in Kabul. Since there was no assurance of funding, we supplied 5 large tents to substitute as schools. However, being situated in harsh lands, at the bottom of valleys where the winds are strong, the tents became worn and tattered within the year. Therefore, the children did not have any other choice but to continue their studies inside dark, and occasionally torn tents.

    The opening of the Woolang School marked the day when Mr Sabul's hopes and dreams for the children were finally realized-324 boys and 305 girls, divided into morning and afternoon classes, were able to begin their studies in a brand new school building.

July 20, 2006 in Afghanistan |