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A Girl’s School Ready to Open in Remote Village

1_5_1 The Shiwa Girl’s School, located in a remote village in the mountains of Parwan province, was completed at the end of March in time for the new school semester. (…after 7 months of construction.) 2_4_1

Since the school was planned to be built upon a hill, the project began from flattening out the land. The next step was building a road leading to the construction site; however, there were times when trucks carrying building materials too heavy for its load stalled halfway, and the material had to be reloaded onto a smaller truck. The project also faced some trouble with securing water essential for the construction-the water pump, used to pump up the water from the reservoir built beneath the hill, as well as the generator operating the pump, often broke down which resulted in numerous interruptions of the project. (…water drawn from the village waterway)

In spite of such difficulties faced, when greeted with the girls’ big smiles on the day of the school opening, we could not help but feel joy in being able to see the completion of the school, as well as strongly hope for the bright future of these children.

May 30, 2006 in Afghanistan |